About me

The healing power of nature and the universe awaits you with these candles.
I make hand made herbal, essential oil, moon charged, white light blessed candles that come with their own unique crystal inside.
Natural healing candles. These candles are individually handmade and crafted and come with it's own unique healing crystal or stone inside which i separately cleanse and charge. They are kept safe, in light, hidden and energy protected and cleansed around daily until purchased. From the moment they are made until they get bought nobody but me (the maker) touches or sees them. The point of that is the candle needs to work for the buyer only and the candles are filled with the highest energy therefore energy sensitive, so they will stay hidden and protected until you buy one. Once you buy a candle you are the first one to touch your candle. Just another reason they are so special. These candles are priceless. You will know once you order one. They are made out of blends (real herbs that i grind (by hand) and essential oils).
I make a batch of each candle once a month going by the moon phases.
I make special mixtures for specific purposes. Purification mix to help purify yourself. Any kind of negative that you are exposed to or surrounds you,  will block you from being one with yourself.
With my candles you will be able to connect  with the divine and the real world in the most powerful blessed way.  
This candle will help cleanse you out to become one and whole with yourself again and to find the light inside of you, connect with it and to see clear. This candle is the perfect tool, helper to connect with your soul.
A perfect candle to use in meditation. It will loose blockages and you will be able to see clear.
The no more evil Force candle was made to banish any negatives and dark influences including negative energies. And to protect you from them as well. It is an extreme powerful cleanser of all that is wrong and it protects you from it as well. Comes with its own unique crystal.
These are to better and heal your life in the most powerful way.
They were made in and with white light, to heal and protect. Please handle these candles carefully. Every intention sets energy into motion, so combining your intention with this super powerful candle will bring a life changing result. so calm and center yourself before using them.
Concentrate on your desire and let the candle do the rest. It will call the help you need from the light above. I have also used a strong wick. Please always trim to 0.5cm before you RELIGHT them because i wanted it to burn strong to bring out the best result for you. 
The candles are strong so never leave them unattended!!
Again please be aware of your intention when lighting and burning them.
To believe in the light is to spread and share love and peace. 
The white desert witch will help you do that.
To our blessed Family of all Pagans   Welcome Home Warriors of the Light
 White Desert Witch